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Ron Remenda (1950-2010) Memorial Ride 2012

Ron Remenda
I posted two years ago about the sudden loss of one of our great riding buddies Ron Remenda who passed away at the way too young age of 60. Unfortunately that post was wiped out along with all the others when my blog was hacked.  So, I thought I’d share this with you as he is still often in our thoughts.

Being the good bikers we are we had a 2nd annual memorial ride for Ron yesterday.  We chose to ride up the Fraser Canyon just past Boston Bar to the “Canyon Alpine” for lunch.  We all were there at least once with Ron in the past, so it seemed a good fit.  It’s also where we had the ride for him last year, kind of setting a tradition. The weather wasn’t bad either, which is always a good thing. But then it wouldn’t be a true BC fall ride if we didn’t have to don our rain gear at some point.

Thanks to Ed and Mike for leading and tailing to keep us all safe and together. It was just like old times.  Thanks also to Mike for remembering to bring his camera. 

Lunch at Canyon Alpine
We all have our memories of Ron, some that we share, some that are individual.  Most of us had a good giggle when we went through any of the seven tunnels that run through the canyon between Yale and Boston Bar. You see, a few years back Ron got these new very loud pipes on his bike.  He was leading the ride this particular fall day, which didn’t happen all that often.  Looking back I wonder if he had this up his sleeve all along.  I digress. While going through one of the longer tunnels he slowed down so that we were all bunched up, wondering what could be wrong so all our senses were at their peak, especially the eyes and ears.  He then pulled in his clutch and revved on the throttle a few times causing a great booming noise that crackled and echoed all the way through the tunnel from the first rider to the last. Not to mention the cloud of dust that he created for all those riding behind him from the exhaust mixing with the dust on the pavement.  To this day I can’t go through any of the tunnels without thinking about Ron and that day.  Some of the others at lunch shared the same story, so I’m thinking he maybe did this more than once.  Hey when you have a new audience you have to try out your old tricks, I get that.

One of my personal favourite memories is the first HOG Christmas party that Ed and I attended in 2002.  Ron and I were dancing and he decided he wanted to twirl me.  Not an easy task being that we are about the same height (actually I think I may be a bit taller).  When he suggested that we try it my response was simple and to the point, “Ron, you’ll take my head off.”  He just smiled and got up on the stage so we could accomplish this task.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way.  Of course, Ed couldn’t leave that opportunity alone and called out “Hey Ron, careful you don’t get a nose bleed way up there.”  He didn’t take offense at all and the two of them quite often joked about the height difference.  All in fun, of course.

Some of the gang:  Jim, Brian, Arlene, Ed, Bev, Linda, Jennifer and Ibe, Mike's taking the picture :)
Most of the old gang are still riding, although some are between bikes, contemplating hanging it up, or already made the decision to pack away the leathers and stick to four wheels rather than two.  No matter what we are all doing now, we will never forget the rides and gatherings we had together and the good times that went along with them all.  We saw a lot of country together and met a lot of new people.  Times I know I will never forget as Ed and I continue to ride around the country. We will always remember certain roads, stops, towns and points of interest with fond memories of Ron.

RIP (Ride In Peace) old friend, you are surely missed… 

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